Testimonials from former grant recipients:


Family Engineering Night

Research shows that parental involvement increases student achievement outcomes, and family-oriented programs have a direct impact on student performance. Students and their families explored the ways in which science and engineering play a role in daily life. [Read more] 6/30/16

JWL Art room TV



Hurray! Another Sunny Day

· To develop enhanced understanding of electricity circuits
· To design and test circuitry using conductive pens/markers, foil, wires
· To explore the pros/cons of renewable solar energy and the need for it
· To construct a solar vehicle and conduct solar race
· To identify and modify variables recording effects on solar vehicle
· To use measuring device to record effects variables on solar energy output
· To experiment with energy transfer and explore sun powered transport as it relates to space exploration
[Read more] 6/30/16

JWL Art room TV



LHS Growing Grant supplies video microscopes (read more here)



TV for Art Room (JWL)

"I'm so excited that my TV is almost installed in the JWL art room. The students and I are SO excited. I do feel very energized and am so looking forward to the TV. The TV will be so much faster for presenting images. One of the best benefits so far has been the dialog between me and the students about TV in general. They've all walked in asking to watch cable and we've been able to talk about the pros and cons of TV watching on the art-minded brain." - Holly David.

JWL Art room TV


Promethean Boards, JWL



A picture is truly worth a thousand words. These are a few of the dozens of thank you cards JWL students wrote about how excited they were to have their new Promethean Boards.

See what K-6 LPS students are saying about their new Promethean Boards that LEAF purchased.

A classroom thank you!

Principal's thank you!


Promethean Boards, Voice Amplification, Kindles for GHS

"The Ledyard Education Advancement Foundation has provided students at Gallup Hill School with technologies to transform a 20th-century school into a 21st-century learning community. The generosity of LEAF provided our children with Promethean Boards in all grade three through six classrooms. These interactive white boards increase student participation in learning through the use of ActivExpressions and the ActivSlate. Our Kindergarten through grade three students also work in classrooms with voice amplification systems because of LEAF. The systems help students improve their focus when direct instruction is provided by the teacher or when their classmates are presenting information or asking questions. Kindles were purchased via a LEAF grant to assist struggling readers in grades five and six access texts in a more supported manner. It is clear that the assistance from LEAF has transformed the learning of all students at Gallup Hill School." - Jennifer Byars

Phonological Awareness grants (Mini '09-'10 & Growing '10-'11). "The generous donations from LEAF have allowed us to install FM systems in all K-3 classrooms at Gallup Hill School. They have not only helped with phonics instruction, but have helped to keep students attention. I personally use the FM system in my classroom during shared reading & writing instruction daily. The students love reading & talking into the microphone. Not only do the students hear better, no matter where they are in the room, they are more motivated to participate with the chance of using the microphone. A teacher in our building who originally told me she didn't want the FM system, soon after it was installed in her room, told me she loved it. The FM system is invaluable to teachers and students alike. It saves teacher voice quality because we never need to raise our voices to be heard. I'm attaching a pie chart from our presentation which shows students responses regarding the FM system. I'm also including a photo of the part of the system which is attached to the wall." - Debora Biondo



World Language Labs & SmartBoards at LHS

"Now that the LHS world language teachers have achieved total immersion of the SMART Board technology, not only instruction, but our whole curriculum revolves around it. We have found using this technology increases student engagement and achievement. The LEAF grant planted the seed with the world language pilot program which has grown into a district wide initiative for the high school and middle school math and sciences classes. A new course was designed around the SMART Board and Internet which literally saves the district money since fewer text books need to be purchased; all course material is on-line. Students may use their home computers, the library, or the school’s World Language Lab to complete their assignments." - Kurt Jannke

LHS World Language Lab SmarBoard - LHS



LHS Catch Reading Fever Hi/Lo project

"The Catch Reading Fever Hi/Lo project supported by Leaf Grant is going well this school year. Students continue to enjoy and benefit from the books, iPod, iPad, and rewards token which the LEAF grant makes possible.

The hi/lo books continue to be a great tool in the hands of the students as they read for 10-15 minutes each day and write a written response. The students are able to connect to the stories because the characters, settings, and content relate to many of their own experiences in life.

Students delight in reading from the kindle during independent reading time. Reading is a “cool” activity to them now as no one is able to judge the level of the books they are reading.

They use the iPad for reading fluency and prosody. They benefit greatly because the reading fluency application allows them to receive an instant feedback on their reading speed. Recording their voices and being able to play back and listen to themselves read allow the student to critique their reading expressions and intonations in order to improve prosody. It is easy for students to manipulate the iPad and it motivates them to read because it is a “popular” device.

As students listen to books read aloud using the iPod, they follow along in hard copies of the book. Some students comment that they like when they can hear the story read aloud because it helps them focus on comprehending the story instead of being bogged down by the decoding. In an attempt to “Catch Reading Fever,” students try to read as many books as they can and it is a delight for them to fill in their thermometer degrees as they finish each book.

The LEAF Grant is very helpful in enhancing students’ literacy here at the high school. Thanks for partnering with us in struggling students’ education."
- Corinne Thompson (2/13/12)


iPad lab student testimonial

“We’ve had the portable iPad lab in our English class. It’s cool that we can do research right at our desk and get immediate results from reliable sources for our project.” – Clark Peterson, LHS freshman


GFS/JWL Library testimonial

"We are very grateful to have been awarded the LEAF grant. We use the iPads in the media center for grades K-6. The students use them to access the online catalog to find books. The K,1, and 2 students have used them to learn how to write letters, numbers, and shapes. Also, learning sight words, building sentences, reading, and math facts. The older grades have used them for research, math facts, and we are just starting to work on Internet search strategies and website evaluation. Some of the teachers have signed out individual iPads to develop lessons that will incorporate the use of iPads in their classroom. Teachers are also finding useful apps for instruction and requesting that they be installed on the iPads. The students are very excited to be using them. What used to be a "chore" for them suddenly becomes fun and interesting when using the iPads. Thanks so much for all you do.” – Bonnie Vangieri, GFS/ JWL Library Media Specialist


School Library Media Center testimonial

"We want to thank you for your commitment to our school library media centers. The implementation of Destiny and the purchase of iPad carts has transformed the instruction we provide to the students in our library media programs." ... read more
– Bonnie Vangieri, GFS / JWL Library Media Specialist
Kathleen Smith, LCS / GHS Library Media Specialist
Sue Lantelme, LHS Library Media Specialist


iPads in the Art Room testimonial

"When I canvassed my 5th graders in November about the possibility of making stop motion movies, they were over the moon. [Alicia Smith, Holli Overacker and myself] are excited to work on [“iPads in the Art Room”] as a team of elementary art teachers. We've enjoyed exploring our variety of interests and experience with technology, and have been borrowing iPads for our Professional Development meetings… We look forward to implementing new programming together.” – Holly David, GFS/JWL Art Teacher (12/18/15)


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